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Gustavo Ollitta

Fondo blanco-03_edited_edited.png

Get the best Buugeng that allows you to create  unique shapes with many buugengs at once!

The Gollitta Buugeng design came on the idea of Gustavo on 2013 to start playing with not only 2 but 4 buugengs. With the help of his friend and fire performer Martin weller a particular shape that Gustavo find out to be a very good one to manipulate more than one buugeng in each hand. the years passed and since then, Gustavo developed more techniques with that shape, opening a new world on buugeng manipulation.

Now, Together with Buugeng Snake Juggling we are proud to share this shape with all of you, to give you the possibility to experience more unique techniques on Buugeng!

Why is so different than the other buugengs ?

They all come with 3 strong Neodineum magnetics each Half Circle, only Inside the handle. The magnetics are strong enough to give you a little assistance to manipulate your buugeng with different shapes but without disturbing you with the magnetic force, is the perfect balance!

The buugeng is made of a resistant and light plastic (HDPE) giving the perfect balance to the equipment.

The handle is created to give to the performer an easy sensation to make it confortable to play with more than 1 buugeng on each hand.



-black and white

-Plain white with round holes



-85cm (perfect size for persons shorter than 1.6M)


-93cm (Perfect size for persons taller than 1.6M)

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